Sun Shelves for Pool Lounge Chairs

Sun Shelves for Pool Lounge Chairs: Different Types of Sun Shelf Pool Chairs

Sun Shelves for Pool Lounge Chairs

Also called a lounge edge, tanning edge, and Baja step, the sun shelf is among the latest trends for yard pools. These steps are designed to remain underwater for about 8-12 inches. 

What is a Sun Shelf?

It is a solid span parallel to a swimming pool perimeter that looks like a wide, but shallow step. The feature can run from 4 to 8 feet long and a few feet wide. 

Besides, the sun shelf for pool chairs can be square, oval, curvy, or rectangle in shape. They fit all types of swimming pools.

Benefits of Sun Shelf Pool Chairs

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from these structures. They include:

  • Beauty and practicality – The wide shallow section of the structure is the ideal place for placing your pool chairs. Those in pool lounge chairs for sun shelf can be perfect for relaxing, doing yoga, or even children playing.
  • Easy to customize – You can make your facility more attractive by adding a fountain or bubblers to the sun shelf. Also, you can add LED lightings, umbrella, and other attachments. 
  • Increase pool value – A sun shelf can turn your normal pool into a resort facility. That means you add value to your pool. 

Types of Sun Shelves

Sun shelves come in different types, as outlined below:

  • Open shelf – They come as huge steps coming out of the water. Such a shelf is ideal for an adult who wants to relax in the water while enjoying the sun.
  • Enclosed shelf – They are small, shallow bodies of water that are separated from the main pool. It is ideal for families with children. 
  • Sloped shelf – They are sloped ledges that lead to the deeper part of the pool.

In Conclusion 

There are different types of sun shelves that you can add to your pool. And whatever the price, you can be confident of getting value for your money.

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