How to Set up Intex Pool on Uneven Groundorld

How to Set up Intex Pool on Uneven Ground

How to Set up Intex Pool on Uneven Groundorld

Hello, and thank you for joining us – we are talking about how to set up Intex pool on uneven ground.

Are you planning to install an Intex swimming pool? Supposing you are in the budget, will you build the best above ground pool in your yard this summer? There is a right way to do that even when the ground is unleveled.

Steps to Follow 

Here are the simple steps that you should follow when installing your Intex pool.

  1. Inspect your backyard and choose the most, even area you can see. A site with more pumps will need you to work harder to make it level. Ensure that the area you select is about two feet larger than your pool. 
  2. Remove rocks, weeds, and grass from the area using rake, sod cutter, and shovel. You can also use a rototiller to get rid of the grass. If you have a month or so to spare, then you can place a dark cover to kill the weed.
  3. Fix a level to aboard. Place the board on the site to see how uneven it is or how level it is. 
  4. Dig out all high sections in the ground. It is best to remove dirt than adding it as the soil under your pool will be solid and firm.
  5. Dump sand on the surface once it gets leveled. You can sand from landscaping and garden companies. You should add about six inches of sand. 
  6. Use your rack to spread the sand and make the area to be even.
  7. Use a lawn roller to compact the sand, which you can get from a garden and home center. Check if the site is level by using a level or the board.
  8. Place a swimming pool protector or tarp over the sand. Do another check to ensure that the site is still level. You can also decide to buy a special pool pad that is made of foam – it can protect your pool effectively.
  9. Roll out your pool material and spread it out. Be careful to ensure that it doesn’t snag.
  10. Inflate the upper ring and start to fill you Intex pool with water. Assemble the pool per instructions is it comes with metal frame.
  11. Remove all wrinkles in your pool. Most of the wrinkles will smooth out, but a few might need your assistance.
  12. When the pool gets about six inches of water, jump inside and start to smooth any wrinkle. 

In Conclusion 

Now you can enjoy your summer inside your pool. That is how you set up an Intex pool on an unleveled surface.

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